Kanze is an epic design & development agency

New York, NY

Our Belief

We believe playful interactive experiences are the most effective way to build and maintain interest for your brand.

Our Focus

The teams primary focus is in building rewarding experiences with playful interactive web apps. We achieve success by storyboarding visual elements with unique cinematography, organic animations, strong UX/UI design, and masterfully crafted code.

We act as internal team members in a client's workplace and found that being a part of their culture, values and needs encourage successful outcomes. Our goal is to deliver beautiful projects within scope that emanate quality and timelessness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sense of adventure between brands and people that inspires action, builds excitement and fosters trust.

In this new world of nonstop digital entertainment, we push the boundaries on what’s possible through your web presence - so that users stay interested and engaged in what you have to say.

We design fun and rewarding experiences for every action a user takes to build their interest levels and excitement. Together, we help brands transform their vision into highly memorable experiences with beautiful, playful interactive websites.